Biblical Grace is not unmerited favor, nor mercy, nor forgivness, but a change in the human condition, because of a change in the human heart by God!

Biblical Grace is not unmerited favor,
nor mercy, nor forgivness,
but a change in the human condition,
because of a change in the human heart by God!


A power of divine Proportions!
Many bible translations and bible scholars explain grace as simply unmerited favor. However, according to Strong’s Exhaustive Condorance, The main connotation is, “that grace is that divine influence upon the heart, and it’s reflection in that life”.
In twenty first century language This means, God touches your heart and changes you. When that change is reflected in your life.
That’s Grace!!
Grace is not divine permission to sin and do as we want, thinking it’s all covered by grace anyway. If you are going to sin, and do as you know, you should not. You do not need grace, you need mercy, and forgivness.
Grace is not something that is just floating around in the air that you just come under because you want to, or claim to be a christian.

It is not something you claim or do on your own.
It is something accomplished “in” you- by God,– because He was invited into your life by a genuine cry from your heart.

 Grace is not something you ask for, pray about, or talk God into.
Only a genuine honest cry from your heart will bring grace into your life. There are no words, no tone of your voice, no deals you can make. No promises you can keep to trick God into giving grace on your behalf.

Grace is, in fact, a divine power that allows us to think as God thinks, it changes our heart; and it heals our hate, anger, hurt, fear, and betrayal.

 Grace is the power of God that gives us the desire to live right, and the ability to do so; It gives us the desire and the ability to please God; and point people, to Him.

If you find yourself having more patience with people….
Grace happened!
If you find yourself no longer wanting to spend time in bars….
Grace happened!
If you find yourself valuing integrity more than profit….
Grace happened!
If you find yourself loving God more than any thing else….
 Grace happened!
If you find yourself,
better able to forgive,
no longer afraid,
no longer angry,
desiring to please God,
and love your neighbor….
 Grace happened !
Grace is;
God’s ability to manifest the power of the Holy Spirit into the five senses realm. In you, to you, and through you, to accomplish the things that you did not, could not, and would not do, to be sons and daughters of almighty God, and accomplish the work of His ministry.
Not even you can read your heart as accurately, and as plain as God can.

 Be honest with Him after all He heard what you thought, and He saw what you did.
If you live under grace, you will hate sin, and you will live as you know is right for– Jesus’ sake.
The omnipotent grace of God can change and transform the worst and most hopeless; Quicken those who are dead; Animate the groveling spirit with . . .

New strengths, New motives, New principles, New tastes, New feelings, New aspirations!
Philem 25
 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.
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