God commands, Jesus teaches, and the Bible says......
God commands,
Jesus teaches,
and the Bible says......

Honor thy Mother and Father

This is one of those things that Christians and non-Christians alike dearly love to pass on by...
especially if they feel justified in doing so.
One of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses on the mountain top is Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.
 (Exodus 20:12)
Who am I to be telling you, or even thinking, about this stuff. In this world, I am nothing..nobody....but in the sight of the Lord,
I am a daughter of the most high king..the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
 In Him I am worthy.
He has put this on my heart.
Honoring your father and mother is among the most basic
and simple principles and truths stated in the bible.
You honor God by honoring your parents;
it is also an act of worship that pleases the very heart of the Lord.
How can we expect to be honorable, have integrity, be prosperous,
 have our own children honor us if we write off or refuse to honor our parents.
Many times, I have heard people speak of their father and mother as if they were talking of the devil incarnate. "My dad's nothing but a drunken bum"; "my mother is such a nag...what a witch"
Words like this breaks the heart of God.
In the beginning, God created all that is made....
That means He created not only YOU He created your mother and father.
Who are YOU to spit God's creations back in His Face??
Honoring your mother and father is a principle that cannot be ignored,
 pushed aside, or made light of.
While there are many people who suffer the consequences of an abusive parent or parents, God's will is still for us to honor our mom and dad.
That DOES NOT mean that the abusive parent or parents are going to get away with it.
 God IS going to deal with them.
What I am talking about here is not always fun nor easy.
Sometimes honoring mom and dad is a daily struggle.
A struggle that needs to be taken to the foot of the cross.
Many things that are worth while, and mandated by the Lord Jesus Christ,
are not easy to accept and/or put into practice.
With prayer, submission to God,
 a genuine desire to do His will,
 honoring your father and your mother
becomes easier, life-changing,
and literally an act of worship and honor
 unto the Lord Jesus Christ.
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